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Company Spotlight – DELFI Diagnostics

DELFI Diagnostics is developing a new generation of liquid biopsies that could advance these applications. Built on a new method called fragmentomics and amplified by machine learning, DELFI’s approach is already showing promise, providing early detection for lung, liver and other cancers, and could provide essential insights to inform precision medicine.

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Company Spotlight – Sherlock Biosciences

Diagnostic tests are vital, but the current system can be challenging. Blood draw sites are often inconvenient, and patients can wait days for results. In addition, people testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and other potentially sensitive conditions, may opt-out over privacy concerns. Sherlock Biosciences is working to address these issues by changing how people access diagnostics.

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Walking Fish Therapeutics Is Focused On Regeneration

Walking Fish Therapeutics was named after the Axolotl, a small amphibian that can regenerate lost limbs and even a damaged heart. The company’s co-founder, chairman and CEO, Rusty Williams, MD, PhD, has long marveled at this capacity and draws on it for inspiration.

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Company Spotlight – RedShiftBio

RedShiftBio has created a platform that combines microfluidic modulation spectroscopy (MMS) and quantum cascade lasers to generate precise, ultra-sensitive molecular structure measurements. “We are helping our customers see things they simply could not see before because it was too challenging or they didn't have the sensitivity or resolution,” said CEO Julien Bradley. “This technology opens ...

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