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Company Spotlight – Protillion Biosciences

Developing protein therapies is a numbers game. For every one molecule that safely and effectively treats a specific condition, billions of alternatives need to be sifted through to find it. This painstakingly slow and iterative process can take months or even years.

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Cancer Screening and the Path Forward

A recent meta-analysis published in JAMA Internal Medicine (August 2023) found no evidence that the most common types of cancer screening are providing statistically significant benefits in overall survival, with the exception of colorectal cancer screening with sigmoidoscopy. How can this be?

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Actym Closes $59.5 Million Series A with New $25.5 Million Extension

Actym Therapeutics, pioneering a new drug modality to treat solid tumors, announced today it has extended its Series A financing round with an additional close of $25.5 million, bringing the total Series A amount raised to $59.5 million.

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Precede Biosciences Emerges from Stealth to Dramatically Impact Precision Medicine with a First-In-Class Liquid Biopsy Platform

Precede Biosciences emerges from stealth today with a breakthrough, comprehensive, blood-based approach to revealing disease-defining transcriptional biology – a first for the diagnostic field.

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