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Company Spotlight – Actym Therapeutics

“We’ve been impressed by Actym’s STACT platform because it’s both systemic and localized,” said Alexis Ji, Ph.D., Partner at Illumina Ventures. “In other words, it’s administered systemically, which is ideal to tackle metastases, but homes in on tumors and avoids healthy tissues, to minimize side effects. Potentially, this approach could increase both efficacy and safety.”

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Company Spotlight – Kallyope

“Kallyope is leveraging many of the same sophisticated technologies being used to map neural circuits in the brain to understand the cross-talk between the gut and the brain,” said Nick Naclerio, Ph.D., Founding Partner at Illumina Ventures. “The goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of gut-brain circuits and target those for therapeutic advantage.”

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Company Spotlight – Rebus Biosystems

“This technology is an incredible tool,” said Illumina Ventures partner, Tom Willis, PhD. “By enabling researchers to study cellular and molecular interactions in their native contexts while delivering tens of millions of data points from hundreds of thousands of cells in a matter of days, the Rebus Esper spatial omics platform is ushering in a new era of biology.”

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Bloomberg: Health Startup Backed by Golfer McIlroy Reaches $1 Billion Value

Virtual health-care startup LetsGetChecked has raised $150 million in new financing to expand its business after seeing a boom in demand for its services during the pandemic. The funding round, which was led by Casdin Capital, valued the startup at more than $1 billion, Chief Executive Officer Peter Foley said in an interview. Other investors included CommonFund Capital, Illumina Ventures, Optu...

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