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Illumina Ventures is the leader in genomics and precision health investing. We are building the ecosystem and translating investment into innovation as we accelerate the impact on human health.

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Measuring previously undetectable structural changes in biomolecules.

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“RedShiftBio’s mission is to deploy the power of novel analytical tools in life science research and biopharmaceutical drug development, tackling previously unsolvable problems in structural biology.”

Julien Bradley, CEO

Making single cell sequencing more efficient and accessible.

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“Single-cell RNA sequencing is a critical tool in understanding complex biological processes. Fluent Biosciences is significantly advancing the field with its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and high-throughput capabilities.”

Brian Mckernan, CEO

Rapidly advancing cell-based therapeutics by harnessing patients’ B cells.

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“Walking Fish has a mission to deliver life-saving, cell-based therapies to patients in need by engineering B-cells to produce therapeutic proteins. This can be applied to multiple diseases, including genetic protein deficiencies, cancer, and infectious diseases.”

Rusty Williams, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO

Taking the next steps in gene editing.

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“Arbor is focused on bringing novel gene editing approaches to patients with severe genetic diseases. For many genetic diseases, gene editing is one of the best ways to create a life changing therapy.”

Devyn Smith, CEO

Latest News

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Broken String Biosciences Closes $15M Series A Funding Round

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Lightcast Discovery secures $49 million in Series B financing to commercialize its single-cell platform for functional analysis

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